Are you someone who longs to feel joy in your relationships but instead experiences pain over and over again? It is my passion and calling to help you learn how to transform your heartache into a whole heart. It is time to stop delaying hope and get those longings fulfilled. I am here to help.

Donna’s Weekly Wisdom

Discouraged? 3 Tips When You Want To Quit

I pulled into the lot looking for the elusive parking spot. To my increasing dismay, my search was unproductive. Turn after turn, circling time and again, I could feel my frustration mount. I glanced sideways at my daughter, “What is going on? It is never this busy!” Then it dawned on us. “It’s January!” We […]

When Your Holly is Not so Jolly…

 “Have a holly, jolly Christmas; It’s the best time of the year” is one of the many Christmas melodies that ring throughout this joyful holiday season. But what if this season is not so jolly? For some, Christmas is not the best time of the year.  Many dread the day for various reasons. Loneliness, missing […]

Don’t let anybody tell you it doesn’t hurt when it does hurt!

OUCH!!!!! My brain screamed as pain shot through my arm. Think calm thoughts, breathe in deeply and out slowly but surely. I even practiced my Lamaze breathing, Hee- Hee -Ha, Hee- Hee- Ho, all to no avail. “There now, all done,” the nurse said cheerfully as she bandaged my arm. I left the nurses clinic, […]


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